London Climate Action Week – Events taking place

London LSC is involved in London Climate Action Week taking November 16th-20th 2020. These events fall into three main categories:

Making the Green New Deal work for All Londoners:

The grand challenge – The opportunity exists to build back better and invest in a green future with jobs and skills at its heart. This series of events will give audiences the chance to understand where those new jobs and skills lie and what will be needed to unlock these opportunities.

Skills for a zero-carbon future – As part of London Climate Action Week 2020, this series of events will consider the future jobs and skills that Londoners will need in order for us to transition to a zero-carbon future city.

A just and fair transition – Key questions that will be looked at in this workshop include:

How do we maximise the talents and skills of our diverse city?
How can we ensure the future is fair and inclusive?

The future is here – Key questions that will be looked at in this workshop include:

How can we harness creativity, innovation and design engineering skills to design our city of the future?
What will this mean for the future of work?

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Can the SDGs frame a green recovery:

This is a special online event for London Climate Action Week focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals in an international context, drawing lessons for London leaders.

The SDGs provide “a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030”. As countries seek to reboot their COVID-19 stricken societies & economies, can the SDGs provide a framework for a Green, Fair & Resilient Recovery and a pathway to achieve Agenda 2030 in the decisive decade ahead?

Jointly organised by GLOBE International and the London Sustainable Development Commission, the event brings together politicians with city leaders, legal scholars and campaigners, to explore the SDGs as a blueprint out of the COVID crisis.

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Carbon Free Construction:

The UK is legally committed to being zero carbon by 2050. Engineered Timber is the only large-scale construction material that can be grown. To fulfil our commitment to the environment, engineering, architecture and construction with timber can work together towards our carbon-free goal.

Join the LCAW panel during London Climate Action Week with world-lead specialists to find out about timber’s material properties, explore Modern Methods of Construction with timber and to discuss strategies that can help us build carbon-free homes for our future!

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