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Bike Service and Maintenance lessons by London Bike Hub


London Bike Hub started in 2011 with a vision of embedding cycling into the community. We don’t just do cycle training and fix bikes; we see the bicycle as providing a lot more than just a means of transport. From a sustainable and healthy way of moving around, engaging the local community and educating all ages and abilities, to perhaps, first and foremost, a fun and enjoyable way of spending time, we believe the bike is best.

By working with the whole community and offering a wide range of services, we have achieved a great deal in a short space of time. We work with schools to deliver top-quality cycle training, support people with physical and learning issues to enjoy the freedom that bikes bring, and provide regular classes to empower everyone to keep their own bikes in a roadworthy condition themselves.

We run a variety of courses, from a gentle introduction to more in-depth, two-day courses, which take place in our fully-equipped workshop in West London, or on-site at your request.

Most of our courses are on Saturdays, start at 10am, finish at 3pm, and take place here, at 18 Queens Avenue. The more in-depth courses, like the Park Tool advanced one, usually start at 10am and finish at 5pm.

For more information, or to book a place on one of our classes, please click here

Introduction to bicycle maintenance (£25)*
Jan 6th, Feb 3rd, Mar 3rd, May 5th, Jul 7th, Sep 1st, Nov 3rd

Cleaning, brakes and gears (£25)*
Jan 13th, Mar 17th, May 12th, Jul 21st, Sep 8th, Nov 17th

Care and replacement of hubs, cassettes, chain and derailleurs (£25)*
Jan 20th, Apr 7th, Jun 2nd, Sep 15th, Dec 1st

Care and replacement of headsets and bottom brackets; wheel-truing (£25)*
Mar 24th, May 19th, Jul 28th, Oct 27th

Brompton Bicycle maintenance (£50)
Jan 28th (Sunday, 3pm to 8pm), Mar 10th, May 26th, Jul 14th, Sep 29th, Nov 10th

Park Tool School two-day advanced maintenance course (£250)^
Feb 17th and 24th, Apr 21st and 28th, Jun 9th and 16th, Aug 18th and 25th, Oct 13th and 20th, Dec 8th and 15th

Wheel-building (£80)
Mar 31st, Jun 30th, Sep 22nd

Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub gear servicing (£40)
Feb 10th, Aug 11th

Bleeding and servicing hydraulic brakes (£40)
Apr 14th, Oct 6th (both for Shimano brakes for flat handlebars)

Bicycle touring (how to pack, what to take, and how to keep your bike running. Price TBC)
Scheduled according to demand

* – £10 to anyone living, working or studying in Hounslow, as Hounslow council are generously subsidising the cost of these courses.

^ – includes an allowance for parts students might need to replace on their own bikes when working on them during the course. Also includes a copy of Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair.