Transport & infrastructure

Investment in West London’s transport and infrastructure such as broadband, power and other utilities is vital to sustaining our economic vitality. Transport for London’s (TfL) and the Government’s current efforts to sustain investment in transport upgrades and the Elizabeth Line are supported by WLB. However these efforts are insufficient to significantly reduce congestion given the level of population growth our sub-region is experiencing. Investment in new orbital linkages through the region are also critically needed.

WLB considers it vital for the ongoing success of the West London economy to mobilise investment in the following transport and infrastructure opportunities:

  • Reducing road congestion through modal shift to more active forms of travel, as well public transport
  • West London Orbital
  • Brentford-Southall Passenger Service
  • A third runway at Heathrow
  • Improved digital connectivity including 5G
  • Resilient power networks

Transport & Infrastructure Policy Commission

The West London Transport & Infrastructure Policy Commission was launched in late February 2016. The Commission published its draft report in early March 2017 and final ‘Keep West London Moving’ report in August 2018. The recommendations from the report now guide WLB’s policy work on transport and infrastructure.  The sponsor of this policy commission is The Motorcycle Industry Association.

Key initiatives

We are now translating the policy commission’s recommendations into practice through:

  • WestTrans where WLB is a key partner attending quarterly meetings, as well as TfL’s West London Panel meetings, bringing a business perspective to these groups’ deliberations.
  • Heathrow Strategic Planning Group – where WLB is an active participant.
  • Supporting the work now led by WLA/ TfL to deliver the West London Orbital overground in the late 2020s.
  • Actively promoting a modal shift away from private cars to free up road space and improve West Londoners’ quality of life.

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Further reading


The Heathrow Phenomenon – An Economic Impact Analysis – Report compiled by Deloitte and commissioned by WLB, September 2007

West London Orbital (WLO) Overground

WLO Technical Analysis and Conclusions – WSP for WLA, Sept 2017 

WLO Outline Case – WSP for WLA, Oct 2017

WLO Technical Report – WSP for WLA, Oct 2017

WLO Strategic Outline Business Case – TfL, June 2019

Watch the virtual tour, May 2021…

West London Orbital Underground

West London Orbital – Full report – Capita Symonds Ltd for WLB, February 2008

West London Orbital – Summary – April 2008

Consultation Responses

Consultation on High Speed Rail 2 – In April 2011 WLB responded to the consultation on HS2.

Mayor’s Infrastructure Plan 2050 – In October 2014 WLB responded to the GLA’s consultation of the Mayor’s Infrastructure Plan 2050.

Cycle Superhighway 9 – In October 2017 WLB wrote to Transport for London setting out our support for CS9.