January’s Digest by The Pilgrm

January’s Digest at The Pilgrm

Our first floor lounge captures the old world beauty of our Victorian building. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, our menus are a celebration of influences and techniques from around the world from Head Chef Sara Lewis.

New to the menu, the fish tacos were inspired by a conversation with the co-founders about a recent trip they’d been on. Returning from the East Coast of America, they wanted to recreate that memory, but through flavours on a plate. Our team behind the pass added their own interpretation and it became the Spicy fish tacos with coriander crema, fresh chilli and pickles.



About Sara Lewis

Head Chef at The Pilgrm, Sara was recently nominated CODE’s 30 under 30 ones to watch. A Kent native, Lewis grew up around a family who loved to cook. She would go on to work at Nobu and then with Chef Bruno Loubet where she collaborated with names from Jose Pizarro to Raymond Blanc and Sabrina Ghayour.

CODE’s 30 under 30


Chicken broth

Influenced by Japanese flavours and cooking techniques, Sara has created this wholesome chicken broth with cabbage noodles, egg yolk and chilli oil. Made using the foundation of a classic dashi but with meat instead of fish, creating a flavoursome smooth elegant broth, garnished with cabbage ‘noodles’.

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The Dhal

A firm favourite at both sides of the pass the Dhal with baby courgette, tomato and sorrel is served with either grilled chicken or grilled mackerel. The additions of courgette, baby tomato and sorrel add a unique twist to a classic.

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Drinking the house favourite

The Pilgrm features light rum, verjus and lime sherbet.

The Pilgrm cocktail takes inspiration from the past to present a classic cocktail in a contemporary manner. Taking the starting point of a daiquiri, we have crafted a unique drink that is fresh and exciting, exclusive to The Pilgrm.

Best served with biltong or our British charcuterie selection.

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