Leonardo Centre Executive Learning Journey

Leonardo Centre’s Bespoke Executive Learning Journey

The Leonardo Centre at Imperial College Business School is delivering a specially designed executive education programme for 12 business leaders to help them understand their companies’ carbon impact and make concrete plans to transform future business practices to reach net zero by 2030. The Executive Learning Journey will both inform and complement the bespoke environmental consultancy the businesses are also receiving as part of their Better Futures+ Green Innovation Vouchers. Throughout the applied learning journey there will be guidance on practical changes that the businesses can make to achieve their net zero ambitions.

The programme will draw on the Leonardo Centre’s extensive knowledge in this area including:

  • draw AI-enabled data on global corporate sustainability with half a million initiatives by 13,000 companies categorised by SDGs and type of activity.
  • Cutting-edge learning methodologies in leadership mindsets, cultural change, governance models, strategic decision making, R&D strategy, sustainable innovation, incentive and control systems and value chain partnerships.
  • Knowledge co-creation at organisational and collective level involving sustainability leaders across sectors, top research institutions and solution providers
  • International, cross-disciplinary expertise across scientific and business domains.
The Executive Learning Journey will be delivered through seven webinars and peer learning discussions where the businesses will have the opportunity to network, discuss common issues and brainstorm ideas. Each webinar will cover a range of topics that will enable the business leaders to reflect, evaluate and re-design their business models to be sustainable, equitable and more competitive.  The programme will be delivered by the Leonardo Centre with Guest speakers
Webinar 1 – Getting Started

  • The Business Case for Climate Action
  • Key evidence of financial performance and the benefits of resilience
  • Key concepts of sustainability
Webinar 2 – Developing a Strategy

  • Developing competitive and sustainable growth strategies
  • Creating value with stakeholders
  • Introduction to the road to net zero strategy in business
Webinar 3 – Targets, Reporting and Systems

  • Setting targets and sustainability control systems
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Assessing the optimal sustainability effort

Guest Speaker: Ioana Ficut on sustainability reporting and setting quantitative metrics through the lens of B Corp and the SDGs.

Webinar 4 – Operations, Energy and Procurement

  • The circular economy
  • Life Cycle Assessment and decision making
  • Systems Thinking
Webinar 5 – Leadership and Incentives

  • The strategic role of talent management
  • Assessing purposeful leadership
  • Introducing sustainable incentive systems

Guest Speaker: Nina Glass on leadership, business strategy, organisational design, transformational change and sustainability.

Webinar 6 – Sustainable Business Models

  • Sustainable business model innovation canvas
  • Transitioning to the new business model

Guest Speaker: Sally McEnally on sustainable business innovation at Greenkit

Webinar 7 – Mindset and Company Values

  • Understanding and aligning corporate values
  • Understanding the importance of mindset changes for transformation action
  • Cultural change action for purpose