Better Futures + Consultants

Selected Consultant partners for the Green Innovation Vouchers

Achill Management believes the way out of the pandemic and its aftermath is to work for a fully green recovery.  They are committed to supporting clients and their businesses to adapt, change and thrive by adopting new more sustainable working practices.


After nearly 20 years in the film industry as a Production and Location Coordinator Amelia Price changed direction to follow her passion. She set up her Sustainability Consultancy specialising in working with film supply companies, productions and studios as the industry transitions to a more sustainable way of working.

Climate Partner offers companies climate action solutions: from carbon footprints and climate action strategies to climate neutral products. Their label guarantees the climate neutrality of products or services - they have calculated the carbon emissions generated in the value chain, reduced emissions where possible and offset the via recognised carbon offset projects.


Giraffe Innovation’s world leading team has a wide range of skills covering life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental management, and environmentally sensitive design. Giraffe currently undertakes complex LCA studies for Dell (USA), British Airways, L’Oreal, De La Rue (UK, Sweden), VTech (Hong Kong), Kyocera Mita, Fortnum & Mason These projects were won by Giraffe on an open competitive tender basis.


Julie’s Bicycle has been working in partnership with Arts Council England to inspire environmental action across the arts and creative sector for over a decade. Their partnership is firmly built on the shared vision of the transformative role of culture and creativity. Julie’s Bicycle supports that vision through an ambitious Environmental Programme with a strong focus on leadership, giving the arts and creative sector agency to act on sustainability and climate change.

Olwg was established in July 2020 against a backdrop of the COVID pandemic.  With a growing sense that cleaning up our air quality needed urgent practical action we felt the time was right to put our industrial experience to practical use.  With over 20 years global oil and gas experience we set up Olwg to develop our own value-adding service in an ever evolving world.


With over 5 years as a leader within sustainability in the creative industry, Roxy has put her business management experience to good use to start her own sustainability consultancy One Thing, to help other businesses in their sustainable journeys.


Sustainable Ventures specialises in innovation services, product and graphic design, as well as investment and commercial services. Their service offering is tailored to meet the needs of clients and their outputs have been proven to grow sustainable businesses and to successfully bring solutions to market.


Sustaineers is a diverse community of business professionals who believe that business plays a critical role in achieving global sustainability goals.
They are committed to meaningful change through our collective strength; empowering one another through mutual support and the sharing of ideas, experience and expertise..


Think Hospitality are dedicated Food & Beverage innovators and strategists.  For the Green Innovation Voucher programme, they are working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to provide specialist sustainability consultancy.