Information for commercial drivers

Euro VI retrofit technology survey
FTA and RHA are seeking feedback on members’ interest in Euro VI retrofit technology. To comply with the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) proposed elsewhere in the UK, operators of pre-Euro VI/6 diesel-engined vehicles must choose whether to replace or retrofit their vehicles or pay a daily charge to access the zones (in Scotland non-compliant vehicles will be banned from cities with Low Emission Zones). Your help in completing this survey will assist in identifying the vehicle makes, models and applications where demand for retrofit systems is greatest. The survey may be found here


Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit
Under current scheme proposals, all HGVs over 12 tonnes entering or operating in Greater London from 26 October 2020 will need to hold a safety permit. New guidance on the vehicle requirements for HGV safety permits is available here. For any questions, please email