If I can…CIC launches Ethical Entrepreneur

If I can…CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company whose aim is to use online technologies and social media to offer daily guidance about how natural human values can enhance the way we think, relate to others and act in business and in life.

Project Director Paul Palmarozza’s passion and main focus in business has always been training. While working for a global computer company, first in the US and then in Brussels, he was asked in 1977 to start up the first European computer- based training operation. This was the forerunner to the e-learning industry in which he has been working ever since. He subsequently founded an e-learning company in 1987 that secured long term contracts with some of the world’s largest companies (Unilever, Nestle, Heineken) producing courses were translated into 9 languages.  The company grew and in 2001 became publicly listed on the London AIM Stock Exchange. He retired from the firm in 2011 and is now a Guest Lecturer at Regents University Business School on their Entrepreneurship Programme.  He has also lectured at other business schools in the UK, US and India.

Over the last 5 years Paul’s latest venture If I can…CIC has used daily emails, Facebook and Twitter pages, plus Apple IPhone and Android phone mobile apps to deliver a free value app If I can…

Each day a variety of images are used to communicate a message about how the value of the day can be usefully applied. You can register at www.ificanapp.com

A New Project

The Ethical Entrepreneur is an online values app offering a values-based management approach to business, with the initial target audience being entrepreneurs, managers of existing businesses small & large, self-employed individuals and business school students. The aim is to demonstrate how business can be:

  • Ethical & Effective
  • Principled & Profitable
  • Conscious & Commercial

Ethical Entrepreneur provides guidance on how the practical application of fine values will greatly enhance the performance of 9 core management functions- relating to how we think, relate to others and act in business. The basic premise is that, in addition to possessing necessary business skills like finance and marketing, the management of a business needs to be guided by fine values like honesty, courage, patience. If they are put into practice, then then fine business values like credibility, efficiency, innovation will manifest which are the keys to establishing a long term sustainable, responsible business. This will benefit all those involved including employees, clients, suppliers and members of the community When new ventures are built on this strong foundation of fine values, then respect, trust and admiration for business leaders can be restored and business can better serve their important role in society. If I can…CIC want to support such an initiative on a global basis.

There has been a lot talk about values and Ethics in business with many companies offering flowery Mission and CSR statements, but If I can…CIC argue that too few businesses are truly living the values. If I can…CIC want to help business to shift away from behaviour like shown by Dick, the subject of this video.

Two versions of the app are now available; a free daily E-Mail version and a more interactive E-Learning version which includes more than 100 videos. Here is summary of the types of content offered:

  • Existing values material from the If I can…app
  • Filmed interviews of experienced business people telling their stories about how working to fine values in business works – for example watch a video interview If I can…CIC filmed with Lord Karan Bilimoria
  • Professionally filmed drama-based video scenarios about ethical decision making
  • Text and video interviews of business school professors, including material from a book founder Paul Palmarozza co- authored: From Principles to Profit-The Art of Moral Management
  • Mindfulness exercises and reflective questions about the application of each value

You can see demos of all these offerings on If I can…CIC’s website

If you wish to order the E-Learning version, which includes the E-Book, If I can…CIC are offering the first 50 West London Business Members who sign up a 20% discount.

The daily email version of app will be offered at no charge while an interactive e-learning version, developed in conjunction with an experienced e-learning developer Brightbolts Ltd., will be charged at the nominal rate £50 for the 30 week training programme. As a not-for-profit organisation the revenue generated from these sales will able to sustain and then expand the scope of If I can…CIC’s product development and global distribution of their offerings.