IBB’s hugely popular Mock Employment Tribunal Hearing is back, only this time, it’s virtual!

On Thursday 10th December 2020, in partnership with Outer Temple Chambers, IBB Law will be hosting a seminar in the form of a ‘virtual’ mock employment tribunal hearing and will deal with a redundancy exercise and pregnancy and maternity discrimination. Not only is this year’s seminar virtual but it’s also free of charge!

Employment tribunals have been around since 1971 and were designed to be non-legalistic, informal and inexpensive. Over the years there has been a significant change in the types of complaints tribunals deal with and an increase in the formality of hearings. If you are facing a tribunal claim or have ever wondered what a tribunal hearing involves, this is a perfect opportunity to find out from those who specialise in tribunals. The mock employment tribunal will cover all matters as if it were a real hearing, such as: the issues in the case, witnesses’ evidence, cross-examination, submissions and the decision.

IBB Law is delighted to have secured the services of Andrew Allen QC (part-time employment judge) and two barristers from Outer Temple Chambers for this event and, with actors and staff from IBB Law, will form the cast of the mock employment tribunal. The seminar will be as realistic as possible, and as many hearings are currently held remotely, it will provide delegates with an insight on how such hearings operate in practice.

For more information about how IBB Law can help you deal proactively with employment disputes before they result in an Employment Tribunal claim, visit their Employment Tribunal page.

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