HR Dept People Matter – July 2020

As the nation enters a new phase of its COVID-19 response, you are probably wondering what the coming months have in store for your business. New resources have been made available to employers, but some are complex. Take a look at a few of the changes coming your way

Article - Clarification on CJRS

Clarification on CJRS

Like many employers, you might be concerned by a recent news article which suggested that furlough money must be paid back if you make an employee redundant.

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to furlough

Article - A Safe handling of test and trace data

Safe handling of test and trace data

Recent government guidelines encourage businesses to record the names and contact details of customers and visitors for use by the NHS Test and Trace team.

Are your processes compliant with GDPR

Article - IR35 2021

IR35 2021

IR35 legislation has been in place for years to ensure that contractors pay appropriate tax. The IR35 provision was due to become more robust in April.

The new timeline will require revised planning

Article - How has coronavirus changed the "lunch break"?

How has coronavirus changed the “lunch break”?

Wolfing down a sandwich in front of the computer was the norm for lunch in many offices before the outbreak, despite strict rules about minimum break times.

How has the ‘lunch break’ changed during lockdown

Article - A prime example of going the extra mile

A prime example of going the extra mile

A delivery driver has achieved fame after a hidden camera recorded her going the extra mile for a young customer.

Read why recognition is important now more than ever before

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