How To Adapt Your Business Into The New Climate

Join the London Business Partnership webinar ‘How to adapt your business into the new climate’ To prepare you and your business for the future!

About this Event:

COVID 19 has, in the space of a few months, transformed the business world upside down. The London Business Partnership, as business owners, have had no option but to use technology extensively to continue to offer their products and services.

The fundamental questions business owners need to be asking themselves now is:

What does not the new “norm” look like in the medium term (the next 6 months to 1 year)

Have we got the right products and services to enable us to transition to an online model only or a distancing business?

Can we create/find these new products and services without requiring significant capital investment?

Flexible working from home – spending less time at the office and more time with your family

Existing office space – will it ever be fully utilized again?

Through this webinar, the London Business Partnership will discuss the steps/potential solutions that you need to consider to try and future proof your business to operate in a low contact environment.