Hounslow Council is inviting comments on draft planning brief for the Cavalry Barracks site in Hounslow West

Hounslow Council is inviting comments on the draft planning brief for the Cavalry Barracks site in Hounslow West.   The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is seeking to release this large 14.85 hectare site with an indicative date of 2020 as part of a programme of releasing MOD sites across the country for alternative uses.

Due to the site’s substantial size and the significant opportunity to deliver new private and affordable homes, community facilities, new jobs, local need retail and most importantly, the protection and enhancement of the listed buildings, it is considered important to produce a planning brief.

The Brief will provide direction for potential developers regarding the Council’s expectations and requirements relative to its redevelopment, in order that a high quality residential-led development is achieved especially as the whole site sits within a Conservation Area and contains 14 statutory Listed Buildings.

The planning brief will also give certainty to existing landowners, key stakeholders and the local community, as to the uses the Council considers appropriate for the site. The Brief sets out planning, design and development guidance on the opportunities the site represents, but also the planning constraints and responsibilities of working with the historic environment.

When adopted, this brief will become a formal Supplementary Planning Document; it will be used in the determination of future planning applications for the site.

Hounslow Council expects the Cavalry Barrack redevelopment to deliver:

  • A high quality residential-led mixed use development comprising circa 1,000 residential units, with a range of housing types, a mix of residential tenures and sizes including family housing;
  • At least 50% affordable housing provision on site;
  • Local retail (to serve the development only), food and drink facilities, employment uses, community facilities and publicly accessible open space(s);
  • A development of between 3-4 storeys to be most appropriate for this highly sensitive location. No new buildings should be taller than the existing tallest listed buildings (equivalent to 5 storeys) unless justified by exceptional design rationale;
  • No buildings on the historic parade ground / sports field as this will sustain and enhance the setting of the Grade II Listed Buildings.
  • Improved access to Hounslow West Station via a new access through Beaversfield Park and the former Morrisons site as this will provide a much shorter and direct route to the underground station, bus routes and local centre;
  • Consistency with the existing and draft Hounslow Cavalry Barracks Conservation Area Appraisal;
  • A comprehensive and well planned high quality sustainable development knitting the site into the local neighbourhood;
  • Exemplary standards of sustainable design and environmental quality;
  • A strong identity sustained to reflect the military heritage; and
  • A high standard of urban design and landscaping enhancing the Conservation Area and the heritage assets.

Please submit your comments by Friday 1 March 2019 when the consultation closes. You can view and comment on the draft planning brief by visiting the Council’s on-line Consultation Hub: https://haveyoursay.hounslow.gov.uk/planning-policy/draft-planning-brief-for-the-cavalry-barracks-site/

Hard copies of the draft planning brief are available for reference at: