Hillingdon Enterprise Programme participant Plus X driving local innovation

Working alongside leaders from the UK’s top corporate innovators; Plus X are developing a toolkit to outline the most effective frameworks for delivering on innovation. The project was a recipient of funding from the Hillingdon Enterprise Fund earlier this year.

To date, the project team have been conducting in depth market and customer research as well as detailed customer discovery interviews, exploring the challenge areas for start-ups and corporates associated with innovation collaboration and open innovation projects, enabling us to identify the opportunities to create new tools and frameworks. These interviews have uncovered valuable insights which will inform the design of the MVP of the Innovation Collaboration Toolkit.

Interviews with corporate partners have also formed the foundation for partnerships to run the pilot phase of the programme, which will support industry collaboration throughout 2023. Detailed discussions with corporate companies who are interested in the funded pilot opportunity will take place at the end of October.

Finally, Plus X will be hosting two corporate peer to peer learning and networking events on Tues 25 October and Weds 30 November, both held in Central London. These events will allow attendees to share ideas, best practice, current and future challenge areas in their innovation processes.

Plus X is on track to begin designing and testing the MVP of the toolkit in October and through to the end of 2022.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Innovation Collaboration Toolkit or attending one of the events to find out more, please contact benharrison@plusx.space