Heathrow’s response to the Skills Taskforce recommendations

Heathrow has published its response to the independent Skills Taskforce recommendations chaired by David Blunkett. This response outlines some of the airport’s immediate commitments while Heathrow continues to work in partnership with their stakeholders to achieve our long-term priorities and how to deliver them strategically to achieve sustained impact.


Heathrow’s response includes commitments such as:

  • Launching two strategic leadership groups to embed responsible employment practices across the airport
  • Ending the use of zero-hours contracts across the airport
  • Developing a World of Work programme to help people achieve their aspirations and excel in their careers
  • Offer 10,000 quality work experience days by 2030 across the airport
  • Develop a structured volunteering programme to enable colleagues to use their talent and skills for the benefit of the airport’s local community
  • Publishing a plan for how Heathrow will double the number of apprenticeships to 10,000 at the airport and across the supply chain by 2030
  • Develop and trial a ‘Skills Passport’ at Heathrow to support individuals working at the airport and transfer their skills
  • Establish a Skills Partnership with the airport’s local colleges and universities


Download the full response