Have your say on the future of Feltham – Feltham Masterplan Consultation

In May 2016, the Council published Feltham Vision and Concept Masterplan which is a strategic document that sets a direction of travel for how Feltham would evolve in the future – aimed at bringing coherence and structure to future development. Since then Feltham has been identified as one of the GLA’s new ‘Housing Zones’ and is poised for significant investment into new infrastructure and housing.  Building on the existing masterplan, a revised masterplan is now underway to take account of the new investment opportunities and to inform the emerging West of Borough Local Plan Review by providing a structured framework for the physical development and transformation of Feltham for the next 15 years.


In order to inform the revised masterplan, Hounslow Council is undertaking a programme of stakeholder and public consultation to ensure relevant community views are taken into account.  Thanks again for attending the stakeholder workshop(s).


Consultation details

Public consultation will run from 20th January to 3rd March 2017.  The public will be able to take part by:

  • Completing a consultation form which is available online at:www.hounslow.gov.uk/consultations (click the link ‘Feltham masterplan consultation’). Comments and queries should be sent to ldf@hounslow.gov.uk
  • Completing a paper version of the consultation form available in Feltham Public Library
  • Visiting a staffed drop-in exhibition at Feltham Library on

– Thursday 26th January from 12noon until 7pm and

– Saturday 28th January from 1pm until 4pm.


For your information :

Meanwhile, a review of the Feltham South Industrial Area entitled  “MADE IN FELTHAM” has just been completed by architects Adams & Sutherland, on behalf of both Hounslow Council and the Greater London Authority.  The review provides an understanding of this pocket of urban industrial and key local employment hub which shows significance and value in both a local and London wide context.