Harrow Trading Online Support Programme

Harrow trading online Support Programme offers free business support to small and medium-sized businesses based in London Borough of Harrow. It is being delivered by South East Enterprise in partnership with Harrow Council. Your SEE advisor is an expert on all aspects of e-business and will explain how Harrow Trading Online can add value to your business. The advisors have run their own businesses and have ‘been there and done that too’.

The programme will show you how to:

Put your business website on Google Analytics so as to measure potential customer activity.

Protect your business by implementing a sound cyber policy.

Set up your online shop and build and build your customer base.

Use social media to, build customer lists, manage your social profile and schedule your content to go out automatically.

Build a network, search for leads and join in groups to help you grow your business.

Against the background of Covid, it’s now more important than ever for your business to be visible to your customers, to embrace new practices and to change the way we operate all of our businesses. Many small businesses think e-business solutions are for large corporates. In today’s business environment you simply can’t afford to be without it.

For further information contact: Julian D Blick (AMiEE), Senior Business Advisor – M: 07508 500553 | E-mail: jdb@seenteprise.co.uk