Grenfell tower response

Many West London businesses, including some WLB members, have mobilised to support the community impacted by the Grenfell disaster over the past few weeks.  You can read read WLB CEO Andrew Dakers’ brief reflections on the disaster at our Summer Reception and what it might mean for the longer term.

Current needs

A community-based relief group set up immediately to respond to the human disaster at Grenfell is in desperate need of free warehouse storage space in as close proximity to the disaster site as possible.  They need 15,000 square feet of warehouse space ideally for the next 6 months as a donation in-kind.    

To date the group has received and sorted 70 tons of donations and have our own dedicated teams distributing care packages to the survivors.  They are run for the community, by the community reaching those most in need using local knowledge, sensitivity and expertise.

They are trusted by survivors working on a voluntary basis as opposed to being parachuted in and are taking a lead with other voluntary relief support groups affected by the disaster.

Please contact Kiran Rao (Volunteer) on 07751 825985 and if you can help with the appeal for space and cc in

If you would like to make a donation to support the victims please visit the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation website: 

Long term view

Geoff Wilkinson, MD of WLB member Wilkinson Construction Consultants, has been providing his expert insights into the Grenfell Tower tragedy to the national media.

A building inspector and fire engineer with 30 years’ experience, Geoff elaborates upon how the tower should have performed in the fire and how serious questions must be answered in the wake of the disaster.

The Guardian – 15 June 2017

Construction Magazine – 17 June 2017

Financial Times – 29 June 2017