Global and UK Economic Outlook – How secure is the recovery?

Global and UK Economic Outlook – How secure is the recovery? 
The UK economy has seen a healthy recovery in recent years but this could be impacted by global turbulence. How is the Chinese economy faring? Could commodity price falls impact emerging markets in a positive or negative manner? How strong are the recoveries in the US and Eurozone?
Closer to home, will the strength of the consumer sustain the UK economy in 2016
 and how will growth vary across industry sectors and regions? Will the Budget help or hinder the recovery and how might different EU Referendum outcomes affect the outlook
Looking further ahead, where will employment growth come from over the next decade 
and will Artificial Intelligence really impact many jobs?
To find out more about these and other hot economic topics, please join the latest webcast where these issues will be discussed with John Hawksworth,  Chief Economist, 
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Dan Schwarzmann
   PwC | Executive Board | Head of Clients & Markets
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