GDPR solutions for all businesses

GDPR solutions for all businesses

From self-certification via our market-leading GDPR portal to providing data protection officer services and advisory, we offer cost-effective practical support no matter where you are on your GDPR-compliance journey.


We lead you on the compliance journey from start to finish with our unparalleled commercial expertise. We are dedicated to enhancing the value in our approach.

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Data protection officer services
Our DPOs will work in partnership with your internal Data Controller and data personnel. Together, we will review your documentation and policies on an ongoing basis to ensure they are compatible with the GDPR.

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We are the only GDPR data protection consultancy that exclusively uses certified GDPR data practitioners to deliver staff training.

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Is GDPR self-certification possible? Yes!

Our GDPR portal is a cost-effective task-based application designed to make being GDPR-compliant quick and easy.

Key features of our secure portal

  • Online self-assessment programme
  • Online library of policies and procedures
  • Live dashboard reporting
  • Secure
  • Compliance tasks and action plans
  • Storage for bespoke documents
  • Optional DPO services
  • Optional policy tailoring

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