FREE JPC Law Webinar – Company Law Basics hosted by Andrew Morgan

Topic: Knowledge Bank: The three R’s – roles, responsibilities & resolutions

On Tuesday, 23rd February to complete JPC Law’s February Knowledge Banks, their two experts Yashmin Mistry and Andrew Morgan from JPC will be looking at RMC’S.

Every year it is likely that you as property managers may have to attend an AGM, EGM or deal with some kind of company law issue. On many occasions the directors of companies do not quite understand their duties or the procedures they are supposed to implement on behalf of the company. Consequently they may look to you for advice.

Yashmin Mistry and Andrew Morgan of JPC will put participants through their paces to ensure that they are familiar with the relevant sections of the Companies Act 2006 and armed with a basic knowledge of relevant company law principles.

Amongst other things our interactive Knowledge Bank will cover:

· Roles and duties of company secretaries, directors specifically in relation to RMC’s

· Responsibilities of agreeing to provide a Registered office service on behalf of a RMC

· Using and understanding the company’s Articles of Association to understand, amongst other things, who can be officers of the RMC and what powers they have

· Understanding the correct procedure for statutory meetings e.g. AGM’s and EGM’s and, in what circumstances you call them

· General meeting resolutions, voting & declaring interests

· Maintaining statutory registers and filing confirmation statements with Companies House

· Key sections of the Companies Act 2006 that all officers and property managers should be aware

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