Fortitude IV rowing to raise money for West London Zone in Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the world’s toughest rowing race – over 3,000 miles unaided across the Atlantic Ocean. Many more people have reached the summit of Everest or travelled into space than have successfully rowed this ocean.   In December 2019, Fortitude IV will depart the Canary Islands aiming to be the first team to reach Antigua, having navigated all of the challenges of the Atlantic Ocean. Along with being the fastest boat across the Atlantic, the team have another shared goal; to raise as much money and awareness for West London Zone, a charity that makes a real difference to the lives of at risk children in West London.

The team have already raised over £55,000 for the charity and have set themselves the task of raising £250,000. This is a tall order but they feel it is achievable with fundraising events across London throughout the year.

The ex-military team is driven, dynamic and passionate about the cause they are supporting. They are starting to partner with businesses to help them on their journey. Partnering companies can expect team building events at their offices, motivational talks, and presentations along with team days on the boat for employees and clients.

Fortitude IV are excited about the prospect of partnering with businesses on this epic adventure where they can identify how to add real value to your company. To get in touch and arrange a meeting, please drop them a line at They would love to meet and share more about what they can offer. You can also visit their website at and watch the video: