Everything you need to know about EV Charging

Buying an electric or hybrid car is hugely exciting. You’re taking a step into a new way of driving, and embracing the technology that will power the cars of the future.


But buying your Electric Vehicle (EV) is only the first step. The most important question for many people is: how will I charge it? The answer can vary hugely, depending on where you live and if you have access to off-street parking.


For many Londoners, the EV will be parked on the street, so you’ll need access to a charge point there.  But even if you can charge it off-street, in your own driveway or garage, you’d probably like to know how you’d charge it when away from home, driving long distances or visiting other parts of the country.


EV charging is a tried and tested technology and lots of companies are competing to produce the fastest charger or new type of network. This is great for innovation and means that charge times are continually speeding up. The fastest points can now give you an 80% charge in 30 minutes.  But it can be confusing for a new EV owner, faced with options from monthly subscriptions and annual cards, to installing cables under the kerb.


That’s why WestTrans has written this guide: to help you navigate the different charge speeds, networks and types available, and to provide information that helps you select the right option.


Above all, it’s to make you confident that you can buy an EV without worry or hassle about charging. It’s simple, cleaner and faster than ever.


Download the full guide