Park Royal business Eurofins Food Testing UK Ltd would like to help fellow PRBG members should questions arise in the coming weeks related to COVID testing.

The last few months have caused a great deal of uncertainty for all businesses and their employees. Their aim has been to leverage the technical capability and expertise they have across their Group in order to accelerate the development of a service offering to help support during the pandemic.

Eurofins have launched this with their ‘Safer at Work’ programme in the UK, which brings together the combined expertise of Eurofins and is inclusive of three core parts;

Environmental Surface Swabbing: offering the ability to swab environmental surfaces(offices, shops, communal spaces, barriers/screens and trolleys/baskets), but not people or products, to check cleaning efficacy and give assurances to colleagues around the cleanliness of the environment they operate in. This service has been up and running at our Acton laboratory for the last two weeks.

Antigen Testing: offering our customers the opportunity to develop in-house programmes of employee testing, including the provision of qualified medical practitioners to oversee and deliver the taking of samples. We can work with members to define a clear plan in terms of length of programme, frequency of testing, reporting of results etc. This testing is available as of today.

Antibody Testing: as we move through 2020 towards something closer to ‘business as usual’ we can support our customers by offering antibody testing of employees in order to confirm whether they have previously had the illness.

Please contact Ben Allison direct for further details: