EcoWorld London invites primary school students to visit the site of its Verdo-Kew Bridge development for gardening masterclass

This week, EcoWorld London invited students from Green Dragon Primary School to visit the site of its Verdo-Kew Bridge development in Brentford, where they were given a masterclass in gardening by Kingston Landscape Group.

More than thirty children, accompanied by teachers and volunteers, were taught how to create and look after a garden, followed by a chance to get their hands dirty by helping to plant the very first flower beds on the project outside the development’s site office and marketing suite.

One of the defining features of Verdo-Kew Bridge is its accessibility to green spaces, with Kew Gardens and Gunnersbury Park just moments away from the development and two stunning private gardens for residents to enjoy.

Verdo Kew-Bridge’s new show apartment will be open from Saturday 6th April 2019, offering the opportunity to come and explore how the development will provide the best of London living and to meet EcoWorld London’s dedicated onsite team.

In addition to over 900 new homes, the scheme also incorporates the new state-of-the-art Brentford Community Stadium, a new purpose-built location for Brentford FC Community Sports Trust and a public square with shops and cafes.

Robin Goodlet, Managing Director for EcoWorld London, commented: “It was great to welcome all of the students onsite and show them how the scheme is progressing as well as helping educate them on caring for gardens. Verdo-Kew Bridge will play a significant part in the regeneration of Brentford and we want to make sure that the local community plays a role in helping us create a vibrant new neighbourhood.”

Cath Pinkney, Acting Deputy Head Teacher from Green Dragon Primary School, said: “It was a brilliant morning. The children learned a great deal about the project and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and getting their hands dirty. The children, parents and staff who attended the planting are so proud that their efforts will remain a part of the project for years to come and we would like to thank the team at EcoWorld London for providing the opportunity for our students to contribute to such a landmark project.”