Ealing Works: Enabling works underway at St James’ House

Project Progress

The Ealing Works team have been working hard behind the scenes since our last project update building the foundations for the exciting co-working space project at St James’ House. They are delighted to report that the landlords, Catalyst, have nearly completed the necessary enabling works to the building, ready for construction work to begin in early summer.

The external works to St James’ Avenue was completed last year, creating an uncluttered open space adjacent to the site.

 St. James’ House

Since January, Catalyst’s team have been hard at work at the Ealing Works site. Among other tasks, they’ve overhauled the building’s heating and ventilation systems. So if you’ve sweltered through one of the Ealing Works events, fear not – things are set to be much cooler (in every sense of the word).

You can see more images of the works on the team’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

Operation Operator

After exploring various options, the team have decided to seek an external operator to run Ealing Works on behalf of Ealing Council. By appointing an experienced team Ealing Works will be able to create the friendly, productive and successful business hub West Ealing needs. If you are, or you know, an experienced workspace operator who shares Ealing Works values of inclusivity, community and entrepreneurship, and would like to hear more about this exciting opportunity please get in touch.


The Ealing Works are looking to engage the operator by early summer, and start building work around the same time. Completion is scheduled for the latter half of this year, and the team are looking to have desk spaces, small offices and creative studios available in the autumn. If you’d like to register interest in a space, do let the Ealing Works team know.

With all these changes going on, don’t forget to use our co-working spaces map, and other resources on our website to better enhance your businesses!