Discuss your cybersecurity and connectivity needs with Timeless IMS

At Timeless IMS we have seen a significant improvement in cybersecurity after helping West London businesses move to the cloud, ensuring that their infrastructure is safe from cyber criminals.

One of the benefits of using cloud computing is the sheer accessibility of data. Your critical applications can be accessed by your employees from anywhere in the world. This results in flexible work arrangements and the possibility to hire staff from all around the globe.
However, moving IT operations to the cloud also introduces new cyber threats and new unknowns. Cloud computing introduces its own set of trials and challenges where employees might not adhere to cybersecurity best practices.

For example, If they are working from a public location and using a public wireless network to access the web, this practice entails an inherent security risk in being more susceptible to malware and phishing attacks.

The importance of using a fast, reliable, secure connection allows West London Businesses to embrace the full fibre network available in areas like Hammersmith, Fulham and Park Royal. These areas are all part of the Faster Britain network. Of course, the general service levels such as uptime and speed of data transfer are key, but security cannot and should not be dismissed.

As more businesses adopt cloud services, network and data security will become even more important because it will be the only way hackers can potentially infiltrate a company’s defence’s.

Timeless IMS is a managed security service provider (MSSP) and IT industry expert. We can implement our cybersecurity technology stack to ensure your business will meet the requirements to deliver protection that will offer the same level of security to your business and its users, who are working on-site and remotely — 24/7/365.

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