Industrial logistics

West London’s key manufacturing and warehousing hubs are crucial to London’s continuing success as a global city. We are home to the UK’s largest industrial estate, Park Royal.

Many manufacturing companies locate in West London due to the excellent choice of existing properties and new, innovative and exciting developments such as Europe’s first two storey warehouse X2 in Hatton Cross.

Transport links

The excellent transport links to all areas of West London and beyond give your employees easy access to your workplace and the easy delivery of goods to the rest of the UK and beyond.


Heathrow is the UK’s only hub airport, home to more than 80 airlines connecting to more than 180 destinations and one of only 6 airports in the world to fly to more than 50 long haul destinations. Every year Heathrow welcomes 75 million passengers to its award-winning terminals with a commitment to ‘make every journey better’.

From British-made pharmaceuticals, high-tech components for Formula 1 cars to high quality fresh salmon – 95% of Heathrow’s freight travels in the belly-hold of passenger aircraft, making Heathrow Britain’s largest port by value. In 2015, Heathrow handled imports and exports valued at over £130bn, making up over 30% of total UK trade and more than the UK’s two biggest shipping ports – Felixstowe and Southampton – combined.

Finding the right logistics support and warehousing for your business

Estates such as Polar Park, Heathrow Corporate Park and The Heathrow Estate all offer superb facilities and excellent transport links.  Other business parks throughout the region (including the manufacturing and warehousing hubs in Wembley and Park Royal) ensure that whatever your business and requirements, West London has the right property for you. We can introduce you to member companies that can advise your business on the innovative developments that continue to keep West London as the leading location for warehousing in the UK. << Back to Key sectors