In numbers

West London is one of the most dynamic economies in the world with:

  • Unrivalled international connections through Heathrow airport, the busiest international airport in the world
  • Good quality national accessibility by road and rail – just 30 minutes from Central London
  • Skilled and flexible workforce
    •  1.5 million+ population with 700,000+ employed in the sub-region
    • Over 45% of workforce educated to Level 3 or above – higher than the national average
    • More 16 year olds continue in full time education than the London and national average
  • Green environment in which to live and work, with a good range of sport and leisure facilities
  • Cohesive, culturally and ethnically diverse, young and entrepreneurial community
    • 46% of residents born outside the UK

The UK’s global gateway

  • £73bn economy – UK’s second largest economic powerhouse*
    • Bigger than the UK’s second city Birmingham
  • 120,000+ businesses ranging from SMEs to multinationals
    • Home to global brands such as Cisco, British Airways, GSK and Sky
    • 90% of West London businesses employ fewer than 10 people and 7% employ between 10 and 49 people
    • 23% of enterprises less than 2 years old; 2% above London and 6% above English average
  • Dynamic sectors: Business services, Transport & logistics, IT, Food, Creative, Pharma, Life sciences,  Tourism, Health and Education
For more detailed data, members of West London Business have access to our sub-regional ‘Data Dashboard’ report, which is updated annually.

* London’s Central Activity Zone (#1) and Greater Manchester South (#3)