Developing the use of a West London Essential Employability Skills and Competencies Framework

The West London Business Education & Skills Commission 2018 report recommended as part of a ‘gold standard’ for education-business partnership the formation of an Employers Reference Group to consider the Essential Skills required in the next decade.

This task has been taken on by the WLB Education & Skills Working Group, and our recent research has led us to review and endorse the framework developed by The Skills Builder Partnership, which is being adopted by Heathrow and a number of other significant employers. The Skills Builder Partnership have developed a framework that breaks down eight essential skills into sixteen tangible, teachable and measurable steps.

These are the skills that underpin success at every stage of life: they unlock learning while at school, ensure young people are fully prepared for the independence of university and college, and empower people to land their dream job.

The framework is the result of four years of learning and builds on the expertise of over 60 leading organisations and individuals across the sector. It has been independently reviewed twice and used by over 10,000 teachers with over 200,000 children and young people to date.

Look out for a series of articles over the coming months on that will introduce you to the Skills Builder approach; this will include insights from our visits to observe Skills Builder being used in West London primary and secondary schools.