Delivering the Promise of Heathrow


Heathrow has launched their latest report Delivering the Promise of Heathrow at the University of West London. The event marked almost a year since the parliamentary vote, when the airport was given the green light to progress with plans for an expanded airport.  This report shares with the wider community the work Heathrow has been doing in this last year.

Today and in the future, Heathrow want and expect to be held to account for the pledges they have made to local communities, and to the whole of the UK. Five years ago, they published a document called The Promise of Heathrow, setting out our plans to:

  • grow sustainably and minimise our impacts;
  • create life-long and high quality career opportunities;
  • equip local people with the skills they need to fulfil their potential;
  • and help British businesses to connect to exciting new markets, while bringing tourism and investment to the UK.

Delivering the Promise of Heathrow outlines Heathrow’s progress towards these commitments, detailing the many projects they’ve introduced at our airport and in local communities, such as the Voluntary Quiet Night Charter, their new Shared Apprenticeship Scheme, and the Centre for Excellence in sustainability. The report is available for download.

The next major milestone for expanding the airport is the Airport Expansion Consultation, which launches next Tuesday 18th June. The consultation will set out the developed proposals for Heathrow Expansion, including unveiling the preferred masterplan for the future airport. Take a look at Heathrow’s updated plans, and let them know your views.