Cycleway 9 – Improvements for Kew Bridge, Kew Bridge Road and Duke Road (Chiswick)

TfL consulted on their proposals for Cycleway 9 in autumn 2017. After carefully considering all feedback, they published their analysis of the responses and their responses to the issues raised in January 2019 here. The scheme is an important part of the Mayor’s Healthy Streets Approach, which aims to make London greener, healthier and more pleasant through encouraging walking, cycling and the use of public transport. The feedback they received helped them to further develop the proposals. Overall, TfL are progressing plans for the scheme as outlined in the January 2019 Response to Issues Raised report.

In response to the feedback received, TfL carried out further consultation on two parts of the route between 30 January and 26 February 2019:

  • Kew Bridge and Kew Bridge Road (High Street Brentford to Wellesley Road)
  • Duke Road and Duke’s Avenue’s junction with Chiswick High Road

TfL asked for feedback on the proposals in these two areas from residents, businesses, employers, transport users and other relevant stakeholders. They received 1,490 responses to the consultation, 37 of which were from stakeholder groups.

TfL have produced:

  • a consultation report which explains the processes of the consultation, and a summary of responses. Many of the responses provided detailed feedback which TfL analysed in depth to ensure we understood views raised on the scheme
  • a response to the issues raised report which sets out the changes TfL are making to the proposals to reflect the feedback received. TfL have produced this report in collaboration with the London Borough of Hounslow

Both reports and the consultation materials are available here.

For Kew Bridge and Kew Bridge Road to Wellesley Road TfL are not proposing any changes to the design which TfL consulted on.

For Duke Road and Duke’s Avenue junctions with Chiswick High Road TfL are proposing a number of further changes:

  • TfL proposed reducing the eastbound approach to the junction of Duke’s Avenue from two lanes to one. TfL are no longer proposing this due to feedback received during consultation.
  • TfL are proposing to reduce the width of the cycle track from 3m to 2.5m outside Our Lady of Grace and St Edward’s church. This would provide space for two traffic lanes on the eastbound approach to the junction of Duke’s Avenue improving traffic capacity at this junction, whilst maintaining pavement space outside the Church.
  • TfL proposed to convert Duke’s Avenue to entry only. To respond to concerns raised during the consultation, TfL are no longer proposing to make Duke’s Avenue entry only and the design has been altered to allow cars and vans to exit the road.
  • due to space constraints on the exit of Duke’s Avenue TfL are unable to accommodate large vehicles as they will not be able to make the turn onto Chiswick High Road safely. TfL are therefore proposing to introduce a weight restriction on the access to Duke’s Avenue from the A4 for vehicles over 7.5tonnes.
  • TfL are proposing to remove one medium-sized tree outside no 229 Chiswick High Road to provide an improved road alignment for motor traffic and keep more pavement space. TfL are still proposing to plant two new trees in the area.