CRL welcome new cohort of entrepreneurs to home of innovation


The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) is proud to announce that the candidates for our next Accelerator programme have been selected. The programme supports entrepreneurs by helping them focus on the most crucial areas that enable them to grow their businesses such as: product development, market development, business development and investment. 

The candidates selected for our latest cohort represent some of the most exciting, diverse hardware-focused entrepreneurs in the UK, and cover all sectors from IoT to wearable technology. Please see below for a short write up on each candidate that will be joining us. 

We’re looking forward to seeing the new cohort #MakeHistory.

If you have any queries about the programme or would like to feature any of the entrepreneurs individually, please contact


ULTRA IoT develops an ultra rapid development toolkit aimed at prototyping new Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions in minutes. With their modular and open toolkits they empower everyone – from software – and hardware developers to any organisation facing IoT related challenges – to easily apply the latest available communication and sensoring technology to solve their problems or improve their processes.









BrightSign Glove is a wireless & stand alone data glove which translates sign language to text and speech. It’s equipped with machine learning to allow users to upload their own version of sign language. It also connects to a web app for instant translation to most languages. BrightSign is designed to help give a voice to those who can’t speak.











The disconnect from acoustic interfaces has reduced the ability of musicians to improvise, collaborate and perform. For amateurs, modern instruments can be confusing and expensive. Tonik offers innovative, intuitive and affordable hardware that will revolutionise the way that people write, record and perform music, by blending acoustic and electronic instrumentation.










Third Skin

Third Skin is an ecosystem of wearables to augment our sensory experiences with digital content, and put the humanity back into technology. Their mission is to empower people to enjoy the digital world like people – with freedom of self-expression, elegance and privacy.



Studio93Limited, founded by Dr. Jackie Lightfoot, is a furniture design company developing unique, innovative products to meet real human needs. They do this by researching and developing products with people in real life situations. Their current projects focus on educational furniture for primary schools.


Odd Ball

Odd Ball is a ball that turns every surface into sound. It is a playful drum machine, one you can throw around and that transforms your environment into a musical instrument. The ball connects to your devices through bluetooth and triggers percussion-type sounds through speakers or headphones every time it bounces. You can lay and loop the beats you create, you can jam over a song or play along with other Odd Friends.










Wisp is a project delivering wearable IoT technology developed by women for women and their partners to enhance female sexual well-being. They are empowering individuals to have a better understanding of their body and to have better intimate experiences through a technological solution.











Flow is a small, portable air purifier that can remove gases, pollutants and allergens from the air. Designed perfectly for small spaces, flow links wirelessly to an app to track air quality levels throughout the day, improving the user’s health and raising awareness of air pollution.