Creatives Network update: New Directions from six creative businesses

Discover how six creative businesses in West London are adapting to COVID-19.   For further information contact


Sangeeta Weatherley: Online Art Workshops

“I have moved my art workshops online. They are free at the moment as art is therapeutic. It’s my way of giving back to society in these strange times. I’m also working on my website and offering a discount on all my paintings and prints to spread some joy during these difficult times. Check out my limited edition tees with my art work printed on them. I’m collaborating with my local printer to support them as well.”

Sangeeta blogs at


Laurie O’Garro: Funky and Therapeutic

String art is a craft that Laurie O’Garro has been teaching to children and adults since 2014. Using coloured thread and card, she has found a novel way to make greetings cards and wall art. Just as important as the mesmerising pieces of work that her students produce, is the sense of peace and relaxation that participants experience. The process has often been described as therapeutic and mindful, with students leaving classes with the feeling of having spent time focused on their well-being. Laurie has moved her classes online and she already has fans of the craft.

LINK: Classes start at £15 and last between 90 minutes and two hours. To book May classes, go to and search for Funky String Art.


The Maker Station: Making NHS Scrubs

The Maker Station has been closed since lockdown, but its Director Fay Young has been busy using the large tables and an electric cutter to cut over twenty sets of scrubs for GPs and care homes. The fabrics go out to forty sewists, organised by We Want Scrubs, before being embroidered with messages by The Crafty Traveller, a Maker Station member. 

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of local people offering to sew or embroider size labels. A real community spirit and also the need for people to help out in anyway they can.”

We Want Scrubs was set up by Kyla, a costume designer in Feltham, and provides its scrubs as free a the point of deliver, just like the NHS. If you’d like to find out more or support them, check out their Facebook page:


Claire Ireland: Teapot Adventures

“My studio is situated in the grounds of the London Museum of Water and Steam. For the time being I have set up a garden studio at home and started by experimenting with some decorative techniques. I would normally be teaching three groups of students once a week at the Museum, but instead we have kept in contact and I have been sending them project worksheets and discussing their personal projects as they are able to continue making at home.

“I have documented my experiments on my Instagram feed and the next step is to make some short films about different methods to send to the students.”


New Online Shop: Laura Letters Life

Local lettering artist and illustrator, Laura Edralin launched her new online shop this week. She hopes to bring moments of mindfulness and joy through her designs onto clothes and everyday items, from sweatshirts and vests, to caps, mugs, cushions, and more! These products hope to raise awareness of mental health and good wellbeing practices, reminding ourselves to be grateful for our planet, explore moments of calm, and to be kind to ourselves and others.

For more information and to subscribe to her newsletter visit:


Derek Pearce: Wot’s the Plan?

Derek Pearce, maker and originator of The Watertables Collection (including the Hippo Table), has abandoned his workshop at the London Museum Of Water and Steam. But lockdown at home has not been a backdown from creative work.

He has just released his climate change album, WE’RE IN A JAM / WOTS THE PLAN? ( Spotify – Apple Music, etc.). Recorded last year at Morden Shoals studio (in  Morden), it has been mixed and mastered the last couple of weeks by Graeme Taylor with Derek on Wotsap, and was released last month in time for World Earth Day.

Have a listen on Spotify.