COVID 19 Updates from Upstream and Imperial College London

UPSTREAM’s Recalibrate Series

UPSTREAM is a partnership between H&F and Imperial which supports, connects and shines a light on incredible entrepreneurs, businesses and academics in the borough. Recalibrate is UPSTREAM’s series for these unprecedented times where they offer local entrepreneurs and businesses the tools to boost their business, expand skill-sets, and adapt to what might be the ‘new normal’.

  • Virtual Virtuoso: How to Smash Online Pitching & Presentations

Thursday 28th May 2020 | 14:00 – 16:00 | Online

An interactive workshop on captivating your audience when pitching and presenting online, led by an expert who is no stranger to being under the spotlight. Sign up for FREE here.

  • Effective Storytelling for Science & Tech Businesses

Thursday 11 June 2020 | 14:00 – 15:30 | Online

For science and tech businesses. Discover how to transform your (frequently very complex!) terminology into a compelling story to hook your audience and keep them interested. Sign up for FREE here. 

Latest News COVID-19 from Imperial College London

Read the latest news on Imperial’s work on COVID-19:

–       Mixed-reality headsets in hospitals help protect doctors and reduce need for PPE

–       Advanced respirators help surgeons treat coronavirus patients

–       Urgent need for coronavirus testing in care homes, suggests study

–       Potential US COVID-19 resurgence modelled as lockdowns ease