Conflict in Ukraine – update and guidance for businesses and individuals from Moore Kingston Smith

The situation in Ukraine shows little sign of abating in the short term. The coverage we are all witnessing highlights the plight of our European neighbours living less than four hours from the UK.

MKS offer some practical guidance and advice from their experts on:

· navigating the repercussions of the conflict, such as sanctions, increasing costs and supply chains;

· supporting your people, both within the UK and elsewhere;

· improving tech and cyber defences;

· personal investments.

Graham Tyler, Chairman, Moore Kingston Smith writes: “Moore Global [recently] took the difficult decision to end the network’s relationship with our two Russian member firms. We believe this is the right decision for the network and for wider society to show solidarity with Ukraine.

“Moore Kingston Smith is ensuring our people and clients are supported, as well as donating to the humanitarian aid effort. Meanwhile, Moore Global is ensuring the safety of our Ukrainian member firms and families, with members close to the Ukrainian border offering accommodation, transport and support.”