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City Business Library – a supporter of professional development and entrepreneurship in London

Running a business or progressing in your professional life is tough without support. We all need it though, in whatever capacity it comes. Finding good, helpful, accessible and affordable help and support sometimes feels impossible to find.   City Business Library however is here to make the impossible, possible! They drive entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and professional development through our every activity, including but not limited to; our Blog, Business events and workshop programme, 1-2-1 business advice sessions, e-learning platform, free online business advice platform and much more.

Check out this week’s blog written by Dwain Reid on “How to start a business in 5 easy steps” and a number of City Business Library’s upcoming events below.


Successful Networking for Entrepreneurs
Learn how to initiate and cultivate strong, long lasting and profitable relationships for your business.
Tuesday 30th January 2018 14.30 pm
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Video Marketing for Small Businesses
Get your message and your business on video. Learn how to create and deliver engaging messages that resonate with your audience and customer base.
Wednesday 31st January 2018
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Marketing and Social Media for your Small Business 
Learn how to get your business trending and the customers coming in “credit card ready.”
Wednesday 31st January 2018
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The guide to changing your career and following your dreams 
Do what you love and never work another day in your life. Get the guidance you need to do just that on;
Thursday 31st January 2018
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