Check out our awesome upcoming events and register today

Check out our awesome upcoming events and register today



We’re heading towards the second semester of 2017 and there is a lot going on here at Cowork Hub. Check out our calendar for the next month & choose what suits you best! Feel free to register for all of them. We would love to see you here soon! Best, Cowork Hub team



Start a Business in 7 days Workshop This Saturday (June 24), our very own coworker Alexander Pemberton from Launch 7 – Startup Accelerator & a group of highly talented experts will be here teaching how to start a business in 7 days.
Join us & enjoy 7 hours, 7 workshops, 7 key actions all delivered over one day:



Key-Account Management Workshop – On June 26 (this Monday),

we will host another excellent workshop from 10am – 1pm.

Funded by London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), it will give you all the skills you need to take your accounts to the next level. Join us:






Free Research & Development Tax Credits Workshop – Potentially save lots of money with the help from Ingrid from GGTC, an R&D Tax Relief specialist company that help

clients for Research & Development Tax Credits.

When? June 29  – 11am – 13pm. Get in touch:

How to get motivated when things are looking dim – On July 12, entrepreneur Toks Aruoture from The Baby Cot Shop will share tips on how to turn things around & get motivated when things are looking quite dim.

She will also tell us how resilience inspired (and still does) her to start her first retail business in Atlanta and then start over in London.



Ealing Raspberry Jam – Do you like programming and coding? wanna learn about technology? do you have a Raspberry Pi, BBC Microbit or something else and don’t know what to do with it?


Then, welcome to the very first Ealing Raspberry Jam, an initiative run by Cowork Hub & Digilab. Register today: