Got a BIG (or not so big) social enterprise – social business idea you want to explore?

SEIDs Hub may be just the place for you!

SEIDs Hub is a ‘social enterprise community center’ offering a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities for those who have a workable enterprise idea to explore and develop.

You can begin your social enterprise development journey with a free tour and information session at the Hub and if you’re still keen, we’ll also invite you to present your idea to us so we can explore the next steps to making it a reality.

At the Hub you’ll get to meet other people with great ideas and have the chance to benefit from a wide range of support, mentoring, events and training – all in a brand new co-working space in Wembley. We’ll support you to plan and test your ideas, build your business concept and be with you on the journey form idea to impact.

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