ECHO – Economy of Hours

Echo is an Economy of Hours:
a marketplace without the money.

Their members exchange the skills, services and resources they have for those that they need, using a currency called Echoes.

The exchange rate couldn’t be easier:
1 hour = 1 Echo.

What would it look like to trade without money? What would happen if we valued everyone’s time and skills equally, whether they’re a lawyer or a landscape gardener, an accountant or an app developer? These are the kind of questions asked when Echo was first started.

Drawing on the methodology of time banking, Echo began as a project in Haggerston, East London, called Timber Wharf Time Bank – a local network where people could trade using time instead of money, and where everyone’s time was valued equally.

Starting small, we helped local people get their bikes fixed, practice languages, learn to bake. And pretty soon, businesses wanted in on the action – local theatres traded tickets for front of house support, yoga teachers traded classes for venue space.

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