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We help business owners and Directors of SMEs to achieve their aspirations for growth, financial success, and work-life balance. We do this by providing coaching, high-quality advice, information, resources and hands-on support in all areas of the business:

?Business coaching and mentoring via bespoke workshops or one to one programme. Strategies for owners and Directors wishing to regain control, deliver sales and profit growth. Strategy Implementation and high-quality advice, information, resources and hands on support.

? Bespoke training focused on developing core skills within the senior management team.

Training topics include:

· Strategic planning

· Employee engagement

· Effective delegation

· Team performance management

· Time management

· Objective setting and review

· Sales and marketing planning/delivery

· Business measurement

· Setting key performance indicators

?Performance management (Measure, Monitor, Manage), key performance indicators and milestones.

? Budget planning and cost control

?Leadership, management, and core skills programmes developed specifically for owners of SMEs. Organisational design and business governance (back office and front office). Staff engagement, effective delegation, performance, and time management. Advice on the 6 Rs (Retain, Retrain, Release, Reward and Recruit) and staff psychometric assessment.

?Managed sales, planning and implementation. Accounts management process, (Strategic Accounts, Key accounts, Transactional accounts).

? Customer development (acquisition and retention)

? Generation of multiple sources of revenue, managing subscription models and recurring revenue

?Value-creation and exit strategy readiness for businesses and their owners, succession plans.

?Access to funding and financial support

?Integrated online/offline omnichannel marketing strategies and implementation.


➤ ➤ We offer a free two hours business health check to business owners and Directors of SMEs interested in achieving the next level of growth.

To claim your free two hours appointment, simply complete this free and confidential 15-minute survey to assess your business in relation to 8 key factors that will help you determine its effectiveness and efficiency. The survey will also give you a “potential growth” score and an immediate benchmark against the average score of hundreds of companies in the same sector. Once you have completed the survey, we will contact you to arrange your consultation. Get Your Value Builder Score Now

Alternatively, you can also book your session without completing the survey at the link below or call one of the two available phone numbers:


? ?07858531800



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