At Ascendal, we believe it is time to re-think how cities work. A city’s transport system is its life-blood and it needs to be healthy for a city and its people to thrive. Unfortunately, there are too many examples around the world where this is not the case, be it due to a poor balance between the public and private sector, a lack of competition, corruption, incompetence, or a lack of resources.

The public transport industry has traditionally been one-dimensional. At Ascendal we are re-thinking how cities work to unlock their potential through focused mobility; revolutionary urban design and real estate; game-changing technology; new and innovative financing structures and results-driven strategic advisory. This holistic view targets helping people to move more intuitively, focusing on passengers rather than on infrastructure and assets. Public transport and a city is all about people. Our primary objective in Ascendal is to improve people’s lives and that’s how we have attracted the best people in the industry. We are change agents with a vision of bringing cities to life.

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