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Appt Corp, which is based in Hanwell, is McDonald’s largest and most successful UK franchisee with 29 stores. Its 2,500 staff serve over 18 million customers a year in its restaurants which stretch from north to west London as well as into Berkshire.

Appt Corporation is owned and operated by Atul Pathak who started building the company with his first McDonald’s franchise in 2003. Atul’s aim is to continue to grow the company at the same pace.

Appt Corporation’s success is founded on doing what McDonald’s rigorous standards require of him as a franchisee and then adding much more.

There is an emphasis on employing local staff and giving them opportunities in workplace skills and nationally recognized qualifications all of which can be delivered in its own training centre. To instill a sense of achievement and pride which undeniably lead to the best levels of customer care, Appt has taken over 165 staff members through to the completion of an apprenticeship and well over 400 have achieved a GCSE equivalent in Maths and English.

The focus is not just on leading Appt Corporation staff to offer the best service, or by giving customers what they want but by being the lead for other McDonald’s franchisees in the UK into new areas of staff retention, customer service and community initiatives. A good example is Appt Corporation being the first McDonald’s franchisee to sign up to the Ministry of Defence’s Corporate Covenant Scheme.

McDonald’s itself has a good, hard earned reputation for its own approach to CSR, but Appt Corporation has taken that to the next level.

This extends from twice daily litter picks for the 100 metres around each restaurant to organising a full-scale local environmental clean ups in co-ordination with the local council to charitable help by funding the building of Ronald McDonald Houses (RMHC) which operate as a ‘home from home’ near leading hospitals for the parents of sick children.  Each year Appt Corporation donates over £70,000 to RMHC towards the building programme for the houses, four of which are in London.

By insisting and instilling a strong ethos of community involvement among the management team in each of its 29 restaurants, Appt Corporation has been successful, for example, in drawing in team members to organise fund raising events. Atul Pathak also dedicates a considerable amount of his own time and money to giving back to the local communities his business serves including organizing and funding a series of awards for local charities held every year at the Houses of Parliament.


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