Code of Conduct


When providing business support, WLB staff, volunteers or sub-contractors will:

  • Represent WLB in a professional manner in the delivery of the Services
    • Be open, truthful, frank and transparent.
    • Always exercise impartiality of advice, integrity, honesty, diligence and appropriate behaviour.
    • Give clear, timely and accurate information when asked.
    • Treat all Personnel (representatives, partners, collaborators, the Client(s)) with courtesy and respect.
    • Make sure the Client(s) understand the roles and responsibilities of the support process and the limits of any obligations.
  • Legal compliance and confidentiality 
    • Not require any Personnel to undertake any act which is contrary to law, codes of conduct, professional ethics or duty, nor in litigation to withhold evidence or facts from the Court.
    • Not disclose or report any Confidential Information which we have obtained, except as authorised by the Client(s) or as required by law.
  • Ensure Quality Assurance in all processes and high customer satisfaction levels
    • Develop and maintain strong relationships with the Client(s) by:
      • maintaining contact and exchange information with each Client, in ways that are appropriate and meet their needs.
      • liaising promptly and proactively with the Client(s) to ensure high-quality delivery of the Service and accompanying documentation in a timely manner.
    • Manage the ‘Customer Journey’ and, if appropriate, support the Client(s) progression from services that are free at the point of delivery towards fee paying programmes.
    • Support Client(s) in the development of a clear action plan.
  • Continuous Professional Development
    • Keep abreast of all consultancy and training initiatives and new developments in the field and update and refresh our skills, knowledge, and attitudes.
    • Be able to signpost the Client(s) to appropriate alternative services (where we are not appropriately qualified and/or there are better sources of advice elsewhere).
    • Work with the Client(s) in ways that allows them to develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Positive impact
    • Work with the Client(s) in ways that improves their confidence in how they manage the positive economic, social and environmental impact of their business.