Apprenticeships in larger businesses

Apprenticeships in larger businesses

If you are a West London employer with a payroll over £3 million each year, you will have been paying the Apprenticeship Levy since 6 April 2017.  Make the most of it by investing in your own workforce (from entry level Apprenticeships through to MBA Apprenticeships); and/or transfer up to 25% of your unspent levy to small businesses.

You can use funds in your account to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment for apprentices that work at least 50% of the time in England, and up to the funding band maximum for that apprenticeship.   If the costs of training and assessment go over the funding band maximum, you pay the difference with other funds from your own budget.

You cannot use funds in your account to pay for other costs associated with your apprentices (such as wages, statutory licences to practise, travel and subsidiary costs, work placement programmes or the setting up of an apprenticeship programme).

Digital Apprenticeship Service Accounts 

If you pay the levy you need to talk to the person who has access to your Government Gateway account because you will need to use this to set up your Apprenticeship Service Account – you should do this as early as possible.

Sharing the levy

If you are in a group of companies that pay the levy, you have the option of pooling your funds in a shared apprenticeship account.   Levy-paying employers will be able to transfer up to 25% of the annual value of funds entering their apprenticeship service account.

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