Business response to the COVID-19 crisis in India

The current situation in India is sobering: A new Indian mutation, mass gatherings across the country, and relatively low vaccination rates have combined to see daily transmissions rise from 25,000 to 360,000 in just 6 weeks. The health system is overwhelmed. 3,500 people are dying each day. And the trend is up.

Grasping the scale of these numbers makes this crisis a concern to all of us. Whether we live in India, employ a workforce there, or simply feel the human connection of watching a tragedy unfold.

WBCSD India have put together this one-pager that shows the ways business can help, sharing details of trusted organizations and initiatives dedicated to helping people on the ground. WBCSD has gathered some best practices from companies in India that are stepping up in any way they can if you need an idea of how to help.