BUSINESS DOCTORS are pleased to announce their new ‘Value Builder’ System and FREEDOM seminars.

The Freedom seminar/workshop is an interactive 2-hour online workshop designed to help Business Owners to discover how to build resilience and value into their businesses and to establish important building blocks for growth. Business Doctors start by locating the signs that tell an entrepreneur that they are stuck in the “Owner’s Trap” which prevents them from achieving the rate of growth that can change lives. They then run through 8 focus areas critical to maximise the resilience and value of the business, improve its efficiency and effectiveness, and to create an environment where a business can thrive also in total absence of its founder/owner.

All attendees will be given access to a questionnaire on registration to complete prior to the Workshop. This survey assesses where the business is according to the same 8 factors that will be dealt with in the workshop. In addition, there will be hands-out and critical take away for any participants on some or all of those points. The survey will allow also the attendees to benchmark their score on each of the 8 factors against the average scored by hundreds of company in the same sector.

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