Business Doctors and Swoop Funding

And now for something positive…. Business Doctors and Swoop Funding – working together to save time, stress, and anxiety to PRBG members in dealing with the tightening of Covid19 restrictions.

The Business Doctors and Swoop Funding partnership is aimed at saving businesses time, stress, and anxiety in dealing with the rollercoaster of tightening and relaxing of Covid19 restrictions. Their aim is to considerably reduce business owners pain of having to deal with getting financial support, reducing operating costs and having a bankable strategy and business plan to unstick them from the crisis and set all the right conditions in motion to bounce back and grow in 2021.

Swoop is an independent financing platform using technology at the crossroad of Artificial Intelligence and Search Algorithms. This technology allows to identify, compare, and select – in a very short time – the right funding, banks, and institutions who are offering facilities related or not related to CV19 government support that fits a specific business requirement. Swoop also helps businesses to make significant savings across everyday operational business costs. No fees are due by business owners as Swoop is paid a commission by the selected facilities providers.

Business Doctors offers a strategic planning methodology to give businesses a straightforward structured approach to deal with the inevitable crunch of 2020-2021 winter but also to positively reflect, re-orientate and prepare the business for Post Covid19 growth.

The Business Doctor belief is that now is the time to look at the lessons we learned from the COVID19 crisis and apply them systematically to bounce back in earnest:

· How to be leaner, fitter, and more efficient (removing excess costs and resources)

· Enforce the adoption of better technology and communication

· Sort the wheat from the chaff – staff, suppliers, clients, strategic partners, competitors

· Re-focus on the core proposition and offload unprofitable products and services

· Enforce innovation, agility, and diversity to meet changing customer needs

· Better MI – more clarity on cash flow

· Re-funding with low-cost low-risk CBIL loans

· Heightened attention to leadership and management and the value of doing this well

· Reflecting on what is important to shareholders and giving a clearer view of the importance of defining, articulating, and engaging a genuine culture and values

Swoop and Business Doctors are proud to combine their competencies together to make sure that businesses have bespoke strategies and plans to make their business bankable and, even more importantly, ready to make the best use of the funding!

To find out more please contact Oreste Maspes, Business Doctors London:

Mob. 07858 531 800

Tel. 02089 778 317