Brunel Business School student work experience

With the new academic year coming into focus, Brunel Business School is inviting London SMEs with an innovation, marketing or growth challenge to set a project brief for collaboration with one of our students from September to next March.

Previous projects have covered a variety of topics set by participating companies, including social media and brand strategy development, marketing research, competition analysis, digital marketing strategy and market entry or expansion planning. Our Innovation Director can help the company define and
write the brief if needed, but the project focus is on the company’s own choice.

Students work at the University, not inside the business, supervised by a University Academic. Work is undertaken in confidence, there is no direct charge, and participating companies are free to use the results as they see fit.

In return, companies should be willing to attend regular meetings with the student and support them by providing timely feedback on any questions. These partnerships offer the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on your challenge, pragmatic advice, and importantly to kickstart a working relationship with Brunel University London.



Contact Co-Innovate Innovation Director Ian Ferris for more information.