Brompton x CHPT3 – the third chapter

“The Brompton x CHPT3 2020 is not just the bike that every serious cyclist should have thanks to its performance credentials, it’s also the most aesthetically thought-out bike in the Brompton range. That’s in no small part thanks to David Millar’s design sensibilities. Drawn to creators and others who are in the artistic world – we meet one who inspires him.”

The Brompton design team worked closely with David to put together an aesthetic that would awaken committed cyclists, from their varying factions, to think about Brompton in a new light. The creativity and simple joy of cycling through city streets for the enjoyment of the ride, not just the purpose and practicality of arriving, captured all in one bike.

Made for speed; the bike has been designed with a stripped back look; no mudguards or front luggage. Attention to detail with a unique range of components; premium grips, saddle, hinge clamps and rear frame clip. Never forgetting to keep everything lightweight; black titanium rear frame and forks, Schwalbe One tanwall tyres. A performance Brompton for the city.

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