Bring your design ideas to life with the help of a Brunel University London Design student

Co-Innovate encourages companies with a technical challenge in the form of a product, service or digital design, to link with the skills of the university students at Brunel University London’s Design Department. The student will comprehensively explore, define and develop potential design solutions.

Coinnovate are inviting businesses to provide collaboration briefs to link with our Design Students and will be presenting these to the students on 1st July 2019.  Businesses may have already heard about this initiative but Coinnovate are now getting close to the deadline for submitting project ideas which is 29th June 2019.

The student will be based at the University, not inside the business, and they are supervised by a University academic. All project work is undertaken in confidence, there is no direct charge, and on completion of the project participating companies own any intellectual property created during the project. In return, companies should be willing to attend regular meetings with the student and support them by providing timely feedback to any questions.

The Projects start in September 2019 and runs through until March 2020.

These partnerships offer the opportunity to gain a fresh creative perspective on your design challenge, with a user/customer focus and importantly some pragmatic advice in developing a solution.

Find a little more detail here.  Deadline 29th June 2019 – please use the brief template HERE.